v. & n.
1 intr. a blush, redden (he flushed with embarrassment). b glow with a warm colour (sky flushed pink).
2 tr. (usu. as flushed adj.) cause to glow or blush (often foll. by with : flushed with pride).
3 tr. a cleanse (a drain, lavatory, etc.) by a rushing flow of water. b (often foll. by away, down) dispose of (an object) in this way (flushed away the cigarette).
4 intr. rush out, spurt.
5 tr. flood (the river flushed the meadow).
6 intr. (of a plant) throw out fresh shoots.
1 a a blush. b a glow of light or colour.
2 a a rush of water. b the cleansing of a drain, lavatory, etc. by flushing.
3 a a rush of emotion. b the elation produced by a victory etc. (the flush of triumph).
4 sudden abundance.
5 freshness; vigour (in the first flush of womanhood).
6 a (also hot flush) a sudden feeling of heat during the menopause. b a feverish temperature. c facial redness, esp. caused by fever, alcohol, etc.
7 a fresh growth of grass etc.
flusher n.
Etymology: ME, perh. = FLUSH(4) infl. by flash and blush
adj. & v.
1 (often foll. by with) in the same plane; level; even (the sink is flush with the cooker; fitted it flush with the wall).
2 (usu. predic.) colloq. a having plenty of money. b (of money) abundant, plentiful.
3 full to overflowing; in flood.
1 make (surfaces) level.
2 fill in (a joint) level with a surface.
flushness n.
Etymology: prob. f. FLUSH(1)
n. a hand of cards all of one suit, esp. in poker.
Phrases and idioms:
royal flush a straight poker flush headed by an ace. straight flush a flush that is a numerical sequence.
Etymology: OF flus, flux f. L fluxus FLUX
1 tr. cause (esp. a game bird) to fly up.
2 intr. (of a bird) fly up and away.
Phrases and idioms:
flush out
1 reveal.
2 drive out.
Etymology: ME, imit.: cf. fly, rush

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